12 Days of Active Christmas

December 17th, 2012 by Live Well Omaha Kids

Here are two cute activities to get your kids up and moving while celebrating the holidays!

The Twelve Days of Active Christmas

Sing this version of the traditional “Twelve Days of Christmas” song and make up your own actions for each of the days with your kids. Get creative! You can even count the number of actions or the seconds for each one (e.g, jump 12 times, dance for 8 seconds).

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my love and I did see:
12 Jumping Santas
11 Swirling Snowflakes
10 Galloping Reindeer
9 Flying Angels
8 Dancing Snowmen
7 Hopping snowbirds
6 Marching Penguins
5 Bouncing Elves
4 Growling Grinches
3 Tap-dancing toys
2 Wriggling wreaths
A great big twinkling tree.

Written by Kelly Bouxsein

Grinch Switch

Place hoops in four corners of the yard. Have child/children come to the center of the yard with you. Skip in a circle and then call out “Grinch!”. You become the Grinch and must catch a child before they reach a hoop where they will be safe. The child caught becomes the next Grinch.

This game is from the Kid Fit newsletter – see the link below to read more about the issue of childhood obesity and find recipe ideas and more holiday activities!

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