3rd Annual Charles Drew Health Center Earn A Bike project

April 28th, 2015 by Live Well Omaha Kids

Written by Kay Grant, Community Health Coordinator, CHI Health

image1Mellani, you’ve earned a new bike, lock and helmet!  Now what will you do!?

“What I’ll do is ride all day long, and I will go in our neighborhood and meet neighbors.  Stay fit too!”

This response embodies the spirit behind the 3rd Annual Charles Drew Health Center Earn A Bike project.  By doing at least 4 hours of community service, students age 8-15 earn so much more than a bike.  They get to know their neighbors, build community and capacity, discover new skills and talents in themselves than can be applied to school and future jobs, learn about what it means to be healthy for life, and gain independence in riding their bike safely to school, practice, or the library.

Charles Drew Health Center has had such success with this project over the last three years, with the help of community partners CHI Health, Live Well Omaha Kids, Live Well Omaha and others, that they were recognized by Children’s Hospital and Medical Center with a $25,000 award to implement the project at least 3 times this year- with over 200 children earning new bikes, locks and helmets.

The opportunity to become involved in the community, to earn a new bike, is right in line with many organizations that are trying to get kids involved in positive activities rather than become influenced and drawn into negative consequences such as gang affiliation or crime.  The power of the simple act of a young person mowing an elderly neighbor’s lawn can change a neighborhood.

Students who are interested in applying for a bike can contact Pam Singleton Nelson at 402-212-5872.  Community organizations who would like to encourage youth they care currently working with to apply, can also contact Pam.  And, organizations that have opportunities for students to volunteer should also contact Pam so she can communicate these opportunities to applicants.

Click on these links to download the 2015 event flyer and student application.

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