A Father’s Perspective

August 25th, 2015 by Live Well Omaha Kids

by Matt Hill, Omaha father of three

Let me begin by saying that I have been fortunate to have had three very healthy and amazing children delivered at Bergan Mercy Hospital. My wife and I have always been very happy with the care we were given and of course with the little bundles that we brought home. I have seen and heard a bit about “The Sacred Hour,” when mothers would have the opportunity to hold their baby “skin to skin.” This always seemed interesting, but as someone who has never seen that done, I never gave it much thought.

With our first child, it was a grab and go. We were barely able to see her for the first few hours of her life. This was hard for us, as she was taken to a separate room where she cried as the nurses did their job. At the time it was not a big deal, heck, we just had a baby! We knew that was normal, and we were just happy she was healthy.

For our second, the process got a bit closer. Once that little guy came out, they showed him to us, then proceeded to clean and check him. This time, however, they did everything in the room. What an upgrade! This was still tough, but again, was normal for the time. We were thrilled that he was healthy and we knew he was in good hands. After a while, we were able to hold the little guy and admire our fine work.

Now we get to #3. At the later stages of my wife’s pregnancy, there were concerns that the baby was breech. As she had delivered the other two naturally, she was concerned about the possibility of a c – section. One of her concerns, was that she would not be able to experience “The Sacred Hour.” Apparently she had read more on this than I have. This should not surprise anyone who knows us, by the way.

As we got closer to the day, we learned that the baby had flipped and we were good to go. We had a scheduled induction on March 15th, and we welcomed a screaming beautiful little girl. As the sex of our child was going to be a surprise, our doctor allowed me to announce that it was a little girl, probably one of the coolest experiences I have had.

Like the other three, she was a screamer. The doctors wiped her quickly and gently laid her on my wife’s chest. Immediately she was calm. As I stood there watching them, a sense of calm, joy, and love rushed through me. To watch the love of my life holding another miracle was amazing alone, but to see this brand new baby nuzzle into her mother and get an instant sense of comfort, unbelievable.

To see this new life go from “put me back in” screaming, to complete calm and comfort was breathtaking. Since that day, our daughter has been by far the most content and calm baby out of the three. She smiles all the time and loves to “talk” to anyone in view. She is by far the easiest baby of the three.

I cannot say enough about the care and service that we received at Bergan Mercy, but “The Sacred Hour” was definitely something special for my wife and I.

Matt is a guest blogger of a series of blogs Live Well Omaha Kids is sharing in honor of Breastfeeding Awareness Month. This blog was originally published on the Live Well Omaha Kids blog on August 20, 2014. You can read more on the facts about breastfeeding, The Sacred Hour and skin to skin at www.reallyreally.org.

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