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June 29th, 2016 by Live Well Omaha Kids

Warmer weather and longer daylight make for the perfect time to explore the community and venture to new places. Tracy Stratman, Recreation Manager at Omaha Parks and Recreation Department, tells us how our local parks and community centers offer lots of fun and exciting activities at no or low cost.

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Picture1Omaha Parks and Recreation Department strives to provide and maintain a comprehensive park system that offers numerous opportunities for the citizens and visitors of the Omaha community to encourage a healthy, positive lifestyle that is essential to the quality of life. We have 232 parks and 120 miles of connective trail, collectively covering over 11,000 acres.  Parks and their amenities offer possibilities to improve one’s physical health, mental health, social function at any age and provide a number of environmental benefits to the community.  To visit your neighborhood park or one just down a trail, is not only an exciting adventure, but is also easy on your pocketbook.  Spice up your afternoon hike with a scavenger hunt of colors and sounds or a simple trail ABC’s game.  Summer is truly the time to experience and appreciate parks. Playgrounds, spray grounds, disc golf, Hydrant Parties, Party in the Parks and a number of other great activities from the Parks and Recreation Department are FREE.

There are a variety of activities we offer that do require a reasonable fee:

  • archeryDay Camps
  • Swimming Pool Passes
  • Community Center Weight room/Cardio room/Gym
  • Pavilion & Shelter Rentals
  • Swim Lessons
  • Learning on the Lake
  • Ice Skating
  • Trap & Skeet
  • Learn to Play Tennis
  • Golf

Adventure_Card_FINALThe Adventure Card makes planning your summer fun easier than ever!  You can purchase a card at any Golf Course or Community Center. You determine the amount to load on the card (minimum purchase $10.00) and select the experience you chose! Adventure Cards never expire, which means you can use them for other fun seasonal activities year round.

To search for activities that the Adventure Card applies to:

  1. Visit our website at
  2. Click on the Activity Registration button
  3. On the Activity Registration page you can search by activity, facilities or view the calendar of upcoming events.

Adventure Cards make great gifts for family members you truly want to provide a unique experience to. Give Dad or a grandparent one to plan a family golf outing you all can enjoy together! Reserve a pavilion to encounter the great outdoors with a large group of friends and family. Plan a birthday party at a community center; give the star of the day an Adventure Card to use for their future visits for more activities and fun. With facilities located throughout the city, adventure is closer than you’d think!

To find your next adventure use the Omaha Park and Recreation Park Finder or pick up a 2016 Discovery Guide at your nearest Community Center.


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