According to recent research, nearly 30 percent of our well-being is determined by the environment in which we live, work and play. The way we build roads, neighborhoods, sidewalks and parks impact how physically active we are and that impacts our long-term health. Is it easy to ride your bike to the store for a quick item or is it difficult to get anywhere without a car? Do children in your neighborhood play outside or is the area unsafe? 

Communities are less obese and overweight when residents can safely walk, bicycle or easily use public transportation as part of their everyday lives. Recently, the City of Omaha passed a Transportation Master Plan that includes many more parks, recreation areas, bike lanes and other active living elements to make sure that we design the future of our community with active transportation in mind.


Best Practices

One of the key principles of active living by design is that everyone, regardless of age, gender, language, ethnicity, economic status or ability, should have safe, convenient and affordable choices for physical activity. For more information about designing a community to support active living, please see the links below.

How to get involved:

Whenever possible, use active transportation to get around. Walk to school, bike to the store, play outside. Take advantage of a healthy environment. These resources can provide you with more information: