Don’t Let the Weather Get You Down!

November 7th, 2013 by Live Well Omaha Kids

Blog by Kay Grant, Live Well Omaha Kids Healthy Families Program Coordinator | Community Health Coordinator

During the winter months, when cabin fever can surely set in at any time, physical activity options don’t have to be limited to the treadmill down in the basement.slide_2 Get the kids together and PLAY! Pretending, using one’s imagination and incorporating play into our daily activities helps children’s minds develop in a number of ways, from emotional and academic to the physiological. And pretend isn’t just for kids! Adults can feel like a kid again, and let their imagination go wild, along with the kids, when you can take an imaginary nature walk through the park.

Walk around your house, living room, or kids room and take an imaginary walk to include the following activities that are sure to get your hearts and imaginations racing!

We can pretend we are at our local park, and we can mimic the things we see, or perform an action in response to something in our environment. As we walk around the house we:

  • Notice it’s kind of chilly – how does our body react when we’re chilly? (shaking!)
  • It just got windy- the wind is knocking us back (walk backwards)
  • We notice a small field of wildflowers – let’s bend down and pick 10! What color are they? How do they smell?
  • There goes a squirrel! How does a squirrel move from tree to tree?
  • There’s a tree (really a wall or column), let’s do some push ups against the tree
  • Someone was flying their kite but it got stuck in the tree. Let’s stretch, and jump and help them grab their kite!
  • We’re crossing a small creek on an overturned log – let’s balance so we don’t fall off
  • BIG hill coming up- let’s pick up our feet and climb!
  • We’re walking under a big pine tree that lost all of its pine cones- let’s kick some out of the path
  • A big group of bicyclists is coming up behind us, let’s get out of the way (jumping from side to side)
  • It must’ve rained last night, there are a lot of puddles in this part of the path- let’s jump over them!
  • I see a hawk overhead – let’s pretend we’re hawks and fly around
  • I see a heron in the water over there – it’s standing on one leg!  Can you do that!?
  • Run away dog! He’s friendly, but wants to play chase. Let’s run as fast as we can!
  • I see a deer- they’re quiet and curious. Let’s practice walking/sneaking and then checking for people over the high grass
  • There’s a turtle on the sand bar over there – let’s swim out there and say hi!
  • Check it out- a big bunch of butterflies!! Let’s use our nets to catch some!
  • What else do we do or see at the park?
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