GoNoodle’s brain breaks get students up and moving

September 8th, 2014 by Live Well Omaha Kids

IMG_7910GoNoodle is an online resource specific to K-5 teachers and parents that channels classroom energy with short three to five minute interactive physical activity breaks called “brain breaks”. Brain breaks are designed to improve student engagement, behavior and performance while integrating math and language arts to help teachers meet core-subject standards.

Sara Norgelas, Community Engagement Manager for HealthTeacher in Omaha, recently discussed GoNoodle with Washington Elementary kindergarten teacher, Katherine Lederer of Fremont Public Schools and asked her to provide her experience using GoNoodle with students.

When do you use GoNoodle in your classroom? Do you have a favorite time of day that you use it?
As a kindergarten class we love to have break brains. We use it throughout our lessons as well as transitions between subjects. I have four or five brain breaks that I schedule into our lessons everyday. My kiddos and I love to use GoNoodle right away in the morning as a welcome and as the last thing at the end of the day. This time helps us get acquainted more and become comfortable in the classroom as a class.

IMG_7921Why do you love using GoNoodle?
I love how easy it is to use. The biggest reason I love GoNoodle is because movement and action is a key component to a kindergarten classroom. GoNoodle is a fun interactive way to get the kids in my class up, moving, and involved in the lesson.

Have you seen a change in your students’ behavior?
I have noticed that the more brain breaks and moving breaks we do during the day the better behaved my students are. They are young children with mountains of energy. The GoNoodle site is a great way to keep the interested as well as motivated in the classroom. I have a couple kiddos that love to run and are difficult to keep sitting still on the carpet during lesson and story times. When they know they will have an opportunity to move and get up in just a few minutes they work harder at sitting still when asked to. Another thing I have noticed is that the different calming exercises (e.g. deep breathing) really help my students to focus throughout the day.

Parents and students can sign up for GoNoodle at home. As a teacher, which brain-breaks would you encourage them to use?
I would encourage the parents to find the videos that their child enjoys but also find videos that match the needs of the child. The Airtime video is great to learn new facts (e.g. United States geography) but also sit and calm down for a minute or two. I strongly recommend the Yoga for kids. The kids love it and it serves a great purpose.

Would you recommend GoNoodle to other teachers?
I would highly recommend GoNoodle to other teachers. It can be changed and adapted to meet the needs of all ages. The kiddos will all enjoy the champions and the joy it brings to see the level up and change. Teachers, new and veteran, will love to see their kiddos getting physically active and excited about learning.

I have to know… What is your students’ favorite brain-break? And what is yours?
As a class we voted today and their favorite tied between Ants in Your Pants or Robot Dancing. As their teacher I love to see them enjoying the Koo Koo Kanga Roo videos. They just light up when they are working to match the group of people on the screen.

* * *

GoNoodle is supported by Children’s Hospital & Medical Center for 47 school districts in 9 counties surrounding the Omaha metro area. They joined HealthTeacher in 2012 to launch a health collaborative with local schools and talented educators. Together, they are teaching kids how to lead healthy lives.

For more information about GoNoodle or to sign up for an account, please visit gonoodle.com or contact Sara Norgelas at sara.norgelas@gonoodle.com.

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