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May 30th, 2014 by Live Well Omaha Kids

Plastic Milk JugWritten by Kay Grant, Community Health Coordinator, Alegent Creighton Health

We don’t have time.
We don’t know how to use equipment.
Equipment is too expensive!

These are things we often tell ourselves when thinking about being more active.  But if you can make the time (we schedule doctors’ appointments, meetings and parent conferences, right!?), we can help you take care of the equipment!

Our community partner, Dr. David Corbin, professor emeritus at UNO’s School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, literally wrote the book on Green Fitness.  Green Fitness?!  We’re not talking about riding a stationary bike to charge your cell phone (that’s what you get when you Google it)!

Green Fitness is a fun and educational way to be more active AND save the planet, using recyclable materials like milk jugs, paper towel tubes, and water bottles as physical activity equipment.  It’s also a creative way for kids to be more active because they can make and decorate their own equipment for any game they can imagine!

Want to know more, check out this video!

Green Fitness can be done in your living room, backyard, school or wherever your imagination can take you.  Fun activities like this can also be modified for cold weather, or taken indoors- have you ever had an INDOOR snowball fight?!  Using rolled up plastic grocery bags you can!

Here are some other advantages to Green Fitness:

  • You can adapt them to any fitness level or ability!  Being careful of small parts and removing sharp edges, Green Fitness can be used with the very young kiddos or our grandparents who want to move more, strengthen their bones, or improve their mental agility!
  • It’s FREE!!!  Look up in any tree or bush nowadays and you’ll see those darn plastic grocery bags hanging there, flying in the wind.  Grab them!  Save the earth!!  They make great equipment for lots of different games.  You’ll always drink your low-fat milk, right!?  Milk jugs are physical activity equipment!  You’ll never run out of catching cups that way- invite the neighborhood over for a game of catch!

Here is a list of activities you can do with Green Fitness.  Let the kids change the rules, make up games, and find new ways to use recyclables.  Now everywhere you look- you’ll see something you can turn into activity and fun with the family!

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