Holiday Rush? No Rush!

December 13th, 2013 by Live Well Omaha Kids

Blog by Kay Grant, Live Well Omaha Kids Healthy Families Program Coordinator, Community Health Coordinator

Doesn’t the entire holiday season seem like it boils down to a holiday meal? You work and work and worry and worry for 24 hours and it seems like the meal is over in 30 minutes! Halloween was barely over before thanks are said on Thanksgiving while the Christmas tree is simultaneously trimmed and then kicked to the curb.

In our rush to enjoy our holidays, many of us focus more on the rush, rather than the enjoyment part. Being in “the moment” can be a challenging skill to master. But it has big rewards that last beyond the moment. Enjoying the fruits of your efforts of time, skills, and resources can linger and enhance your life in many ways if you recognize those efforts.

Save the drama for your llama! Realize that nothing is more important that being with friends and family and enjoying their lives, and sharing yours, is what the holidays are all about. The hardship of all getting together doesn’t have to be fraught with drama about who eats what, who sleeps where, who drives, or who cooks what.  Sometimes just being silly and reminiscing can help create new memories that can be shared for years to come.

Turkey, and Dressing and Cranberries- Oh MY!
Don’t deprive yourself of those holidays traditions you love. Remember portion control. If you don’t want to modify your traditional family recipe to be a little healthier, make sure you have a reasonable portion, take everything in moderation and ENJOY it!

Use your five senses to truly taste your food:

  • How does it smell? (Smell is a powerful component of memories!)
  • How does it look? Presentation, colors and textures of our food make it more appetizing.  Go overboard with color and try new ways of presentation- maybe they’ll be on your plate other times in the year too!?
  • How does it sound? Crackling fires, the pop of the turkey timer, and the clinking of glasses can also spark fond memories of holidays past.
  • How does it taste/feel? Different textures in your foods make them that much more enjoyable. Variety is the spice of life!  Holiday foods are often comfort foods. Revel in that comfort!

These are skills that can be used as conversation starters at the holiday table. Being in the moment helps the holidays last a lot longer – you’ll definitely notice a difference!

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