Keep Your Family Active Over the Winter Months

November 30th, 2016 by Live Well Omaha Kids

Live Well Omaha Kids wishes everyone a safe, fun, and healthy holiday season! As the weather turns colder, we encourage families to find different ways to stay active and move more. Our friends Jackie Wattenhofer and AJ Farrand from the Southwest YMCA offer tips to keeping busy:

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pillo-poloWe live in Nebraska, it’s going to get cold. Show your kids how fun it is to stay active together as a family. This will establish a healthy lifestyle that will stay with your kids for life.

Just in case you need a little help getting started, we have a list of some of the things that my family likes to do in the winter. Keep your ideas simple, easy to execute and playful. Your children are going to love being active if everyone in the family gets involved.

  1. Load up the sleds and go sledding. There are many hills in Omaha that are close to your neighborhood.  A favorite spot is Robert Bellarmine School at 120th and Pacific. Check out this website for a list of Omaha’s best sledding hills.  Mahoney State Park in Ashland has sledding and tobogganing runs.  Mt. Crescent in Honeycreek, IA has a super long run that is close to 3 football fields in length. The charge for an All-Day pass is $29 and includes sled rental and chairlift.
  2. Build a snowman.  Go outside with your kids and help them build a snow family complete with snow fort.  Have a friendly snowball fight while you are outside.
  3. Visit an indoor Playground. Oak View and Westroads malls have indoor play areas that are free.  The Maple Street YMCA has a great indoor playground.   Mahoney State park has a large indoor Playground in the Activity center complete with fun tubes, slides, net bridge and ball pit.  The cost is $2 per child.  (2 and under free)
  4. Outdoor Skating is fun in the winter. UNMC Ice Rink is open from November 26-February 5.  The cost is $7 (with skate rental).  Conagra Ice Rink has moved to 10th and Capital this year.  There is a $5 admission which includes skate rental.
  5. Take your kids Roller Skating. Register for free skating passes for children 12 and younger. The passes can be used at Skatedaze in Omaha.  Register at
  6. Check out your local YMCA for fitness classes that are family friendly. Kids attend with their parents. Family Fitness is offered at Southwest YMCA and Maple Street YMCA. Parents and kids experience many types of active games and gym play.  The YMCAs of Greater Omaha also offer Youth Fitness Training to teach your children about exercise and nutrition.  Upon completion, they can use the Wellness equipment.  Check out the indoor climbing wall at Southwest YMCA.
  7. Body Weight Workouts during commercials of your favorite shows. Waiting for the cartoons to come back on? Try doing 10 push-ups or a 20-second plank. Waiting for the previews of the movie to finish? Try to do as many jumping jacks as you can. Make it fun and competitive and both you and your kids will get a great workout!
  8. Visit an Indoor Pool. Pack your favorite summer time gear and check out the closest indoor pool. The winter can be a great time to take swim lessons to polish up for those summer days as well. Your nearest YMCA will have a pool for your whole family to enjoy, or check out this link for the option closet to you!
  9. Go On a Christmas Lights Tour. Bundle up in your snow gear and take a walking tour around the neighborhood checking out all the lights! Give out awards for your favorites to make it even more enjoyable and a lasting family tradition.

Get out and move this winter.  Play with your kids and create lasting memories while staying fit.


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