Making Healthy Eating Cool

October 22nd, 2012 by Live Well Omaha Kids

Millard South High School DECA students Taylor Bier and Cody Heins are cool. They decided to share what they know with other students in a series of promotions this school year. The point is to help students begin to think differently about what they eat and how much the move each day.

First, they launched a lunchroom promotional program to educate students on the healthiest items in the lunchroom called the Green is Go! campaign. Then, they took the 54321 Go! campaign throughout the entire school.

“On Monday we focused on 5 fruits and veggies,” said Taylor. “Tuesday was the 4 glasses of water per day (we also mentioned that for the high school students the number should be closer to 8 glasses) Wednesday is the 3 dairy products, Thursday the 2 hours or less of screen time, and Friday is the 1 hour to move around. We’re really using Friday to our advantage; we decided to have a push-up contest this Friday during lunch and whichever boy and girl does the most we will reward this with some sort of gift card prize.”

These students are truly making a difference at Millard South. They even stepped it up over Halloween by promoting hula hooping at the Village Pointe safe Halloween and gave away clementines and not candy. Check out their super cool 80’s costumes and little clementines decorated like pumpkins.

If you are a middle school or high school student interested in making a difference at your school, contact Sarah Sjolie at to get started.

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