Mothers are Role Models

May 3rd, 2016 by Live Well Omaha Kids

Live Well Omaha Kids would like to wish all moms, and those who have stepped in serve in this capacity, a Happy Mother’s Day! As a main caregiver to your children and family, you are a role model and influencer in their lives. You have the opportunity to model healthy eating and active living behaviors that they then adapt.

Here are five ways to model healthy habits in your every day routines:

  1. Choose water over soda
  2. Turn off the tv and dance around together or explore the outdoors
  3. Involve the entire family in meal preparation
  4. Eat meals together and talk about your day
  5. Walk as a family in the evening


Our team shared their lessons learned from mom:

Madison Haugland:
“I feel super lucky to have a mom that always cooked homemade meals, even when she was working crazy hours or if I had sporting events that ran late into the evening. She was also a huge supporter of all my sporting endeavors – soccer, volleyball, golf, basketball and track. She let me quit soccer because I hated running, which led me to a successful track and field career (throwing things) allowing me to compete collegiately. I love you, Mom!”


Sheena Helgenberger:
 “My mom always encouraged me to be active – from signing me up for ballet when I was two, to letting me take part in a sport every season once I was in school. She also put a lot of effort into teaching me how to cook – which I didn’t show any interest in as a child. As I’ve gotten older, cooking has become important to me and I value her recipes, tips, and tricks she has shown me. Thank you mom!”

Courtney Brewer: 
“Growing up, my mom always prepared meals and we sat down to eat as a family, no matter how busy everyone was. We engaged in conversation about our day with jokes and laughter without the distractions of technology. Until I had a family of my own, I didn’t realize how important preparing and eating meals together as a family is to the health and well-being of everyone. It’s something I hope will carry on through my children. Mom, you’re amazing. Thank you!”


Sarah Sjolie: “I’ve helped my Mom in the garden since I took my first steps in the 80’s. Thanks to those early tastes of tomatoes, rhubarb and corn – I continue to love veggies today. She made fruit and veggies a part of our family dinners and made sure that it was prepped and ready for a quick snack. These are traditions that I hope to carry on in my own family. Thanks Mom!”



What are some healthy habits you’re instilling in your children? Comment below or head over to get in on the conversation on our Facebook page!


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