NAP SACC Learning Collaborative Kicks off Jan. 31!

January 31st, 2013 by Live Well Omaha Kids

This blog was written by Kelly Bouxsein, NAP SACC Coordinator for Live Well Omaha Kids’ Child Care Active Living Policy Initiative.

Cotton balls? Ice Cream?  These don’t seem to have anything to do with healthy eating or physical activity – but they do! In August, you heard about child care providers participating in Live Well Omaha Kids’ NAP SACC (Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment in Child Care) Learning Collaborative. These leadership teams are working to create environments that will help their kids learn healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Since then, these leadership teams have been working hard and the results are tremendous! (And yes, cotton balls and ice cream are related, just check out the success stories below.)

To date, 15 teams of leaders from 19 centers have written goals and action plans to make improvements in healthy eating and/or physical activity at their centers. Not only are these teams making healthy changes in their day-to-day practices but these changes include center-wide policy changes! So what’s the hype about policy change? The new policies help make sure the rules are clear, that everyone is held accountable, and that these healthy changes will last. This is an important step that commits the center to implementing and sustaining healthy environments for their kids, staff, and families.

These healthy policy changes are a big deal – and the leadership teams deserve some recognition for their success. All centers are working hard and I’d like to give a special shout out to the first centers to reach their goal! Highlights of their work are below.

Stay tuned for more success stories – they’ll be coming soon!

We are also excited to announce the third Learning Collaborative kicks off January 31. We are eager for these new leadership teams to come together and learn all of the important ways their child care facilities can provide healthy environments for their kids. Our NAP SACC team includes local nutrition and activity experts, graduate student assistants, high school student volunteers, and of course the new leadership teams. Together, we can all help make the healthy choice, the easy choice!


Tumbling, Dance, and Tennis Shoe Tuesday (an idea borrowed from another NAP SACC Center) are just a few of the fun new weekly activities at the Alegent Child Development Centers (CDCs). In October, a new physical activity policy was implemented at all four locations ensuring that all children get multiple chances each day for indoor and outdoor activity. Each center is even getting a playground makeover! If you meet a kiddo from one of these centers, ask them to show you the Ice Cream Freeze – a new dance choreographed by one of the staff members – I can’t follow along, but I hear these kids can dance!

I can’t believe how well the kids are eating! It’s amazing!  – Building Blocks Daycare Owner/Director

It started with bowls of cotton balls and sand but the kids practiced and practiced and now, with the positive encouragement and support from the center staff, children are serving themselves and enjoying family-style dining at Building Blocks Daycare. Family-style dining involves staff sitting, talking, and eating with kids as they pass and serve their own food and drinks. This style helps kids learn important social skills, provides a positive mealtime environment, and helps them serve and eat age-appropriate portions. This team was successful with their policy change and saw some unexpected benefits; the kids, especially the pickier ones, are eating better than ever! This added benefit will go a long way to support healthy eating habits for these children as the center continues to introduce healthier menu items and other healthy practices.

Want more info on NAP SACC? Contact Kelly at or 410-925-3665 to discuss enrollment or volunteer opportunities!

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