Bike to School Day is May 4, 2016!

May 3rd, 2016 by Live Well Omaha Kids

Live Well Omaha Kids encourages children and their families to participate in National Bike to School Day on May 4th. Can’t celebrate on the 4th? Give it a try anytime this month! Our guest blogger, Madison Haugland of Partners for Healthy Schools, gives tips on how to plan for your bike to school.

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Did you know May is considered “Bike Month”? So why not build off the momentum of Bike Month and celebrate Bike to School Day too! Why is biking (or walking) to school important to us? We at Live Well Omaha believe Active Transportation is one of the best ways to get those recommended 30 minutes of physical activity in your day. And yes, walking or biking to school is active transportation too! It doesn’t matter where you go, it just matters that you’re using your body to get there. Studies show that the more kids move the better learners they are. And by walking or biking to school, kiddos brains should be all warmed up for a full day of learning!
The National Center for Safe Routes suggest planning a Bike to School Day event is easy as:
  • Get the “OK” from your school’s administration.
  • Encourage parents to walk or bike their kids to school while considering:
    • Bicycle Safety
    • Bicycling Routes
      • Encourage kids and families to take selected routes and promote in communications
      • Have volunteers or school staff at busy intersections
    • Bicycle Storage
      • Make sure you have enough bike parking!
      • If not, ask if there is another location that can securely store bikes
  • Once kids arrive at school, hold an activity to celebrate their trip.
Events like these can show kids and parent how easy it is to do this healthy habit – walking or biking to school. Just trying it once can open your eyes to a world of opportunity!
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