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June 22nd, 2017 by Live Well Omaha Kids

June is National Fruit and Vegetable Month! What better way to celebrate than introduce you to Team FNV? Even teens need those 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day according to the 5-4-3-2-1 Go!® healthy kids countdown. Check out who has come together to market fruits and vegetables specifically to those young adults.

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The Partnership for a Healthier America, with help from First Lady Michelle Obama, called together businesses, athletes, celebrities and foundations to market fruits and veggies. Dubbed “Team FNV”, this campaign takes on the attitude and skills of large food corporations to get you to eat more of the good stuff. Their launch video, posted in February of 2015, introduces its campaign’s first heavy hitters – Jessica Alba, Kristen Bell, Colin Kaepernick, Cam Newton, John Cena, and Victor Cruz.

Team FNV is targeting teens – the first generation to fully grow up with technology. By reaching teens, you influence not only their eating habits but maybe their family’s purchasing habits. Today, foods high in fat and sugar are marketed to kids and teens more than ever. It is estimated that youth view as much as 3 hours of food commercials each week.1 Kids entertainment media consumption has risen drastically, by 1 hour and 37 minutes per day in the last 5 years.2 If kids are taking in media, Team FNV believes there should be an emphasis on healthy foods and behaviors.

Initial launch of Team FNV advertising began in Fresno, CA, and the Hamptons Roads, VA area. Celebrities and athletes were chosen based on their popularity in the area with teens and low-income families. Like other fruit and vegetable campaigns, this one is expected to work – and hopefully continue to work past its peak popularity.

This campaign assumes that we all know we’re supposed to eat fruits and veggies, so instead of telling you to eat them and touting their vitamin fibrous goodness, they simply market them.

They tweet jokes,

sell clothes with almost inappropriate phrases,

and create in-store signage with clever puns.


The team behind this fresh (pun intended) marketing campaign is none other than Victors & Spoils, known for their work with Coca-Cola Co. and General Mills products. Founding partners include Avocados from Mexico, The Honest Company, Produce for Better Health, the Produce Marketing Association, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, sweetgreen, Victors & Spoils, and WWE. Since the campaign has completed its first year, more funders have jumped on board to give it a national presence: Mars Foods, Ocean Spray, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, Trinity Healthy, Lamar Outdoor, Whistle Sports, Fenway Farms, Hidden Valley, the University of Wisconsin Extension, Dick’s Sporting Goods, The North Face, and One Medical.

To top it off, these do-gooder celebrities are putting their names on fruits and veggies for no charge. Don’t think their hard work will go to waste! This creative marketing team also plans to do heavy research to measure sales of all produce: fresh, frozen, canned and dried. Further, they plan to research consumer recall, consumption of produce, and awareness of the campaign.

According to Foodnavigator-USA, the first year saw 70% awareness of the campaign accompanied by an increased desire to purchase and consume fruits and veggies. Further, stores that used the marketing materials saw anywhere from a 3% to an 11% increase in produce sales.3

From marketing, all the way through sales, this campaign is a winner. Show it some love by following @TeamFNV on Twitter, Team FNV on Facebook,, and @teamfnv on Instagram.


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