Programs & Solutions

In order to make an impact on childhood obesity, Live Well Omaha Kids tackles this issue from many different directions. The goal is to help all children be more active on a daily basis and to make sure they choose healthy foods to help them grow up healthy and strong.

Live Well Omaha Kids does this by working with many community experts to design a comprehensive approach to this health epidemic. The solutions correspond to Robert Wood Johnson’s recommendations on the principles of Active Design (preparation, promotion, physical projects and policy) as well as by looking at the key areas that impact health such as environment, lifestyle and health care. Then peer-reviewed evidence and input from our community partners is used to select the programs and solutions that Live Well Omaha Kids implements each year as the leader in the movement to reverse this negative health trend in our neighborhoods.

Work plans are designed to touch children and their families throughout the public health ecological model. This model is the acknowledgement that health is influenced at all levels of an individual’s existence, beginning with the individual and extending to every level of interaction the individual has within family, church, school, peers, neighborhoods, culture and society as a whole (McLeroy et al, 1988; Fig. 2.0). Today, Live Well Omaha Kids is in its fourth year of operations and continuing efforts to reverse childhood obesity. Live Well Omaha Kids continues to report successful program outcomes; however, the focus is now shifting to more comprehensive, sustainable policy change at the school, county and even state levels. In addition, they have strengthened partners within the coalition to ensure that invested resources are sustainable and outcomes are achieved to benefit the organizational mission.