Partners for Healthy Schools

Did you know healthy, well-nourished kids are more likely to attend school regularly and are more prepared to learn?  Schools play an important role in helping every student make healthy choices. That’s why Partners for Healthy Schools is excited to offer a FREE program to support a limited number of schools each year to learn, plan, and make healthy changes at their schools. The purpose of Partners for Healthy Schools is to connect schools to a number of funding opportunities, educational materials and expert resources that help them take action toward creating healthier environments for students. Teachers, staff and parents discuss key wellness topics and learn from experts as well as peers, ultimately committing to making sustainable changes in healthy eating and active living at their schools.

This network is a valuable connection to all types of healthy school resources including these key partners:

For a more in-depth look description of each program, as well as contact information, download our School Wellness Resource Guide.

School Resources

Making the Case for School Wellness

Healthy Celebrations:

Healthy Rewards:

Brain Breaks:

Healthy Beverages and Water:

Healthy Parent Resources:

Staff Wellness:

Healthy Fundraising:



How to Get Involved

Activate your school wellness committee or create a parent wellness committee in order to set wellness priorities for your school. This group will help you get started. Click here for recommendations for your committee.

If you are interested in joining Partners for Healthy Schools, contact Madison Haugland at or 402-850-9470.