Purposeful movement takes curriculum to an “active” level

September 29th, 2015 by Live Well Omaha Kids

Written by Seth Hiveley, K-6 Physical Education Teacher at La Vista West Elementary, Papillion La Vista Community Schools

IMG_1065My name is Seth Hiveley, and I teach at La Vista West Elementary School in Papillion La Vista Community Schools. In our school district, we have been very fortunate to receive training from Marzano Research Laboratories. A component of this training is on student engagement. An exciting way to engage students is through purposeful movement. This differs from brain breaks. Brain breaks are a great tool to be used during the school day to re-focus and re-energize students. Purposeful movement is a way to take curriculum being taught in classrooms and add movement to it!

IMG_1063We have many talented teachers across our district using purposeful movement in their daily teaching. Specifically at La Vista West Elementary, many teachers are utilizing purposeful movement with their students. Amanda Colpitts, 3rd grade teacher at LVW, has really taken this concept to the next level. She is always looking at ways to collaborate with me on purposeful movement for her students. Together we discuss what students are learning in the classroom and look for ways to add movement to that curriculum. As we look to the future, we are going to plan an entire math unit that incorporates purposeful movement throughout the lessons. We will also be collecting data on students’ on-task behaviors and academic achievement to see what benefits can come from purposeful movement.

The link below is an example of one of the activities we had the students do in regards to adding numbers mentally to 100 with a focus on the 10’s place. For more ideas, feel free to visit the La Vista West Physical Education Facebook page link below. We will begin to post pictures and videos of students engaging in purposeful movement throughout the year!

YouTube Link 3rd Grade Purposeful Movement Activity: http://youtu.be/zfHeQK-dC4Q

Facebook Page: http://on.fb.me/1Kqu0ff


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