Quick Strawberry Cream Cheese Dessert

June 12th, 2013 by Live Well Omaha Kids

Plans for Father’s Day? How about cooking up Dad a delicious and healthy dessert the whole family will loveDSCN0005?


Reduced fat vanilla wafers (Nilla Wafers)
Philadelphia light strawberry cream cheese or nonfat cream cheese
Fresh strawberries cut in half

Spread one teaspoon of cream cheese on reduced fat vanilla wafer.  Top with strawberry half.

With low fat cream cheese:
One wafer with cream cheese and strawberry:
Calories: 23
Carbohydrate: 3 grams
Fiber: 0
Fat: 1 gram
Saturated fat: 0.5
Trans fat: 0
Protein: 1 gram
Sodium: 19 milligrams

With nonfat cream cheese:
Calories: 29
Carbohydrate: 4 grams
Fiber: 0
Fat: 1 gram
Saturated fat: 0
Trans fat: 0
Protein: 2 gram
Sodium: 88 milligrams

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