Wake Up to School Breakfast… Wake Up to a Simpler School Day!

March 7th, 2016 by Live Well Omaha Kids

Written by Beth Bruck-Upton MA, RD, Midwest Dairy Council

Midwest_Dairy_ID695_-_Midwest_Dairy_Council_NDC_LogoIt’s Monday morning, the alarm goes off…you hit snooze for a few more minutes…you hit it again…finally you get up!  Kids get dressed, brush their teeth, comb their hair, grab their backpack items for after school or practice and start to head out the door…oh no…we forgot about breakfast!

Meanwhile down the street…

It’s Monday morning, the alarm goes off, you get up and make a delicious breakfast for the entire family.  Your oldest comes down the stairs and declares “Mom, how many times have I told you I am not hungry for breakfast right now?”  With frustration you say “okay” and off he goes.

Meanwhile across town…

It’s Monday morning, early, and the alarm goes off just in time for the kids to grab a quick bite on their way out the door to early morning basketball practice.  After a 15 minute drive to school, they quickly eat a granola bar and some juice and they are off for the day.  After dropping them off you worry “I hope they don’t get hungry before lunch, they sure didn’t have much to eat.”

Meanwhile around the corner…

It’s Monday morning and the alarm clock goes off.  Your children wake up, get dressed, grab their backpacks, and are out the door with their tummies growling. You give them what you can, but you worry because you didn’t have anything more to offer them.  Your heart is heavy because you know they are hungry and need more food to get through the day.

SNA WakeUp_LogoWhichever scenario above resonated with you, there is a nutritious, affordable solution available to you: school breakfast.  March 7-11 is National School Breakfast Week, a time to celebrate the importance of school breakfast and also help build awareness for school breakfast programs available in our community.

Did you know?

  • School breakfast is available for all students in the same way that the school lunch program is available. All students can participate as long as the school is offering it.  Check with your school to learn what time it starts.
  • School breakfast always includes fruits and veggies offered daily, whole grains, fat free of low fat milk, and has specific limits on calories, fat, and sodium. It’s a healthy option to kick start the school day.
  • School breakfast is convenient. Many schools has switched to a grab n go or second chance breakfast program.  This allows students to grab a breakfast meal on the way to their classroom as they arrive at school or even after first period when they might find that they are the most hungry.  Visit your school to learn more how breakfast is offered to your child.
  • School breakfast is economical costing on average less than $2.00 per breakfast and even offered at no charge or reduced charge in certain circumstances. That is much less than the convenience store or local fast food option.
  • School breakfast provides students with the fuel they need to be ready to start their day. Teachers report that students are more attentive and ready to learn when they have had a balanced breakfast.
  • School breakfast can include both hot and cold options. You might find an option for cereal, milk, and fruit or a hot breakfast burrito, 100% fruit juice, and a cheese stick. Check your school menu to learn more.

No matter what your morning routine looks like you can feel good knowing that a healthy breakfast awaits your child at school.  Take a visit to your school and enjoy breakfast with your child, you might just be surprised by what you find.

If your school is interested in trying something new with breakfast there is grant funding available to support their efforts.  As a parent, you can help them get started.

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