Week of the Young Child™ Celebrates Our Youngest Learners

April 8th, 2015 by Live Well Omaha Kids

Written by Arli Boustead, NAP SACC Coordinator, Live Well Omaha Kids

Celebrate The Week of the Young Child™ April 12 –18, 2015!

10563021_10152262153677406_740047584259103249_nThe Week of the Young Child™ is a time for caregivers and parents to recognize that Early Years are Learning Years® and that good nutrition and plenty of opportunities for physical activity are vital for a child’s future development and learning.

Childhood obesity has more than tripled in 30 years.  Overweight and inactive children are 600 times more likely to develop heart disease as adults, and poor health can affect a child’s ability to learn at their full potential.  The development of dietary and physical activity habits happens early in life.  Young children (age birth to 5) need role-models and environments that support the development of healthy habits.  When nutrition and physical activity is not only fun but healthy, it allows children to develop and learn at their full potential.

Live Well Omaha Kids would like to make it easy for you!

We want to help you promote the development of healthy habits to your staff, children and parents.  We’re providing FUN and active resources and parent handouts for each week-day & one bonus day during Week of the Young Child™.  We’re also highlighting how easy it can be to provide the right environment for kids to develop healthy habits for life! Find all of the information here.

Daily Activities for Week of the Young Child™

Use these activities to engage staff and kids at your center, as well as parent handouts to help take your work home and continue developing healthy habits for life-long, healthy learning.

MUSIC MONDAY– Incorporate regular Activity Breaks to promote learning.

TACO TUESDAY – Create a love for fruits & veggies.

WORK TOGETHER WEDNESDAY – Help make water their beverage of choice.

ARTSY THURSDAY – Help them understand less screen time is really “more” by engaging creativity.

FAMILY FRIDAY – Try Family-Style Dining, it works better than you think!

BONUS DAY – Promote & support breastfeeding as the first healthy diet.

How can you celebrate Week of the Young Child™

  1. Visit our website to view the planned daily activities, resources and handouts for parents, outlined above.
  2. Plan to use the ready-made messaging provided on the site.   We’ll provide daily messaging relating to the theme so you can just share from our website or copy and paste the content from our website into your newsletter or social media site.
  3. Feel free to share your stories of how you work to provide the right role-models and environments for the families you serve.  We’re happy to share them on our blog and social networking sites to help promote the work that you do.

Want more information or to provide input?

If you’d like more information please contact Arli Boustead at arli.boustead@alegent.org or 402.215.3721.

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