Bonus! Breastfeeding is Best.

Promote & support breastfeeding as the first healthy diet.

Breastfeeding is the earliest form of healthy eating.  The bond between mother and baby is strengthened, helps babies build 77297709immunity and provides babies with the best food source for building healthy bodies.   Breastfeeding allows babies to explore their own instincts for hunger and fullness, and has many benefits for moms as well.

Promote the importance of breastfeeding to your staff with this (Handout) and encourage discussion about breastfeeding between staff and parents.  Supporting nursing moms is one of the most important ways a child care provider can build a strong relationship with baby and parent.

Use the Ten Steps to Baby Friendly Child Care Centers Resource Kit to identify how your center can help breastfeeding mothers successfully provide the best nutrition for their children, while working.

For Parents

  • Here’s a great handout for breastfeeding moms planning their return to work! Print and give to new parents planning to bring their new little one to your center.
  • Provide moms with this resource to help their workplace become more breastfeeding friendly.
  • Find posters and even handoutsReallyREALLY_LWOK-slider at to print to promote the benefits of breastfeeding. These clever and colorful designs will inform and engage staff and parents in a positive discussion about breastfeeding and how to support nursing moms.