Music Monday

Incorporate Regular Activity Breaks to Promote Learning.

You may know that kids need 60 minutes of physical activity each IMG_7921day, but did you know it doesn’t have to be all at once?  Even 5-10 minute increments, adding up to an hour over the course of a day, can be great for little bodies and minds; and actually works better into their style of play.  Short “active” activities let kids move and reach their daily recommended level of physical activity, without much planning or thought.

Try This!

This Monday, try adding physically active breaks like “Over, Under, Around & Through” to your schedule, to give kids the hour of brain and body building they need, spread out across the day.  Turn up the music and transport them to an imaginary hike with this fun movement activity!

Over, Under, Around and Through: Have the children form a line behind you and lead them around the room, imagining different obstacles.  (Example: over a sea of sticky peanut butter, under a tree, through a giraffe’s legs. )  Allow children to mimic the activity (i.e. “over a steep mountain”) for about 20-30 seconds.

A steep mountain A subway An elephant A creaky Door
A wiggle bridge Water A corner A long tunnel
A thorny bush A big dog A dirty trash can A haunted house
A rocky path  A limbo stick  A sleeping giant  A sea of jell-O


For Parents

Send these flyers home to parents to give them ideas for keeping their kids active!


Want More?

Provide your teachers with these handouts for more active ideas: