Taco Tuesday

Create a Love for Fruits & Veggies.  

10346373_10152262159252406_408979072961039927_nKids are picky. While we want to offer them healthy foods, we worry they won’t eat them.  Make food fun and make sure to add opportunities to learn about foods and healthy eating throughout the day, or outside of mealtime.  Cooking classes, gardening, and taste testing are all great activities for kids to explore foods without the pressure to fill their tummies.

Try This!

Make today “Try It Tuesday” with this fun activity exploring bell peppers – a favorite veggie found in fajitas or tacos.

What you’ll need:10563021_10152262153677406_740047584259103249_n

  • Bell peppers: green, red, orange and/or yellow bell peppers
    • One whole for them to look at (and see what it looks like in it’s whole form)
    • Enough pieces cut for each child to taste.
  • Table & chairs for children to sit at or stand around.
  • Butcher paper taped up near table (about 6 feet long).
  • Crayons
  • Enthusiastic staff to help with and encourage the children to taste the new item.

What you’ll do:

  • Set up table & chairs & tape paper on wall
  • Ask children to look at and feel the whole bell pepper
    1. Ask them about the color, about the smell, about the texture in their hands.
  • As the children to try the bell peppers
    1. Ask them how it tastes? Is it crunchy? What is it like on the inside, do they like it? What would taste good with these bell peppers?
  • Then ask the children to choose their favorite color of bell pepper and draw it on the butcher paper
  • Variation for younger children – just let them play with it – bigger pieces they might want to chew on if they see staff munching on it.
  • Consider making Try-it Tuesdays a weekly event!

For Parents

Give parents  ideas and support to add more fruits and veggies too:

Want More?

Provide staff with these ideas they could use year-round to help kids explore foods.

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