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Help Make Water Their Beverage of Choice

A sweetened beverage like soda, Kool-Aid and even some juices provide no nutrition and adds extra calories that young children six year old girl drinking bottled waterdon’t need.  Swapping out these beverages for water is a simple and easy change that can quickly improve a child’s health.  Water helps digestion and helps release heat from the body and increases blood flow to the muscles when a child is physically active.  It also regulates body temperature and helps maintain a healthy weight.

Children will be more encouraged to drink water to stay hydrated when it is available indoors and outdoors in freely visible locations.  Water sources can be self-serve or require assistance from teachers, depending on a child’s ability.

Try This!

Let kids work together to explore the taste of water flavored with their favorite fruit or veggie.  Help them find their favorite through different tastes and talking about it!

Flavor That Water

Ages 2-10

Time Needs: 5 minute activity, several hours to chill in the fridge, 5 minute follow-up activity

Materials: 4 Servings of water poster, Pitcher, water, fruit and/or vegetable (chosen by group), small cups for all participants.


  1. Ask the children if they’ve ever tried adding a fruit or vegetable to their water to make it taste extra yummy.
  2. With the participants, come up with some fruit and vegetable ideas that they might like to try adding to a pitcher of water to see how it makes the water taste.
    1. Pitcher with water and fruitsExamples: cucumber slices, lemon slices, frozen watermelon chunks, orange slices, assortment of berries.
  3. Vote as a group on one to try (or the leader can decide ahead of time and just discuss other possibilities).
  4. Place the pitcher of water with the fruit or vegetable of choice in the fridge.
  5. After it’s had a chance to chill in the fridge, give each participant a small cup and let them have a chance to taste the flavored water they made.
  6. Ask the participants to describe how the water tasted and to think what other fruits and vegetables might taste good to add to the water to give it some fun flavor.

Leader Tips:

  • Add ice to the pitcher to speed up the process and enhance the flavor
  • Let the water chill for a minimum of 30 minutes or up to 24 hours
  • If adding berries, mash 1/3 berries to help enhance the flavor
  • If possible, use a clear container so the children can see the fruits and vegetables in the water. Ask them if the water changed colors because of what was added to it. Have them discuss the colors of the flavored water.


Remind participants of how much water they should drink every day.

Ask them about some other ways to help drink more water during the day.

Ask if they will try a fruit and vegetable in their water at home?

Send home a parent handout related to 4 servings of water.

Adapted from: Teach a Kid to Fish Teacher Curriculum for 5-4-3-2-1 Go!®

For Parents

Provide parents information on healthy beverages and why water is preferred.

  • Tip Sheet for Parents to encourage water as the beverage of choice.
  • Healthy Beverages – Family Health Handout from EatPlayGrowTM Curriculum


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